Fluffy Little Dog

Another Christmas, another Christmas song. Kittens In The Snow was rather successful with children, so this year I aimed my song at Children specifically. Basically, I removed the innuendo.

I worked with Richard Williams on this (again), he did the piano, recording and mixing. Vocals and lyrics by me.

You can buy the song in places including iTunes and you can stream it on Spotify and Google Play etc. All proceeds go to charity, which is next to nothing if you only stream it.

Big thanks to Dan Monsieurle for allowing me to use the picture of his dog Comet, who is no longer with us - the dog that is. A lovely dog that was the inspiration for this song.

Lyrics are:

Today I went to the park, and what did I see? A fluffy little dog was staring at me.

It had a big wet nose and shiny fur and by the way it was walking, I could tell it was a her.

It was a fluffy little dog. It's eyes were gentle with a cute little chin.

It was a fluffy little dog, its coat was yellow and the tail was thin. It was a fluffy little dog and I really want it.

I went to it slowly and the owner said "hey! would you like to pet my dog, today?"

I looked to my parents and opened my mouth, but they knew what I wanted and they said it was allowed.

It was a fluffy little dog. It sniffed my hand and it tickled me. It was a fluffy little dog. Its fur was lovely like a persian rug. It was a fluffy little dog, I'm going to throw it a stick.

The collar was red, with her name in gold. We gave her a treat when she did what was told.

Her name was Katie and she smelled like a rose and a bell was attached to stop us stepping on her toes.

It was a fluffy little dog. We ran around and it was faster than me. It was a fluffy little dog. Her tail was wagging, she was so friendly.

It was a fluffy little dog... can I keep her?