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Fluffy Little Dog

Another Christmas, another Christmas song. Kittens In The Snow was rather successful with children, so this year I aimed my song at Children specifically. Basically, I removed the innuendo. I worked with Richard Williams on this (again), he did the piano, recording and mixing. Vocals and lyrics by me. You can buy the song in places including iTunes and you can stream it on Spotify and Google Play etc. All proceeds go to charity, which is next to nothing if
- Fluffy Little Dog

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Twelve Stunts of Christmas

In 2013, I wanted to do something slightly different as a Christmas song, so with the help of Will Head we created this lovely video. The riding is done by some of my riders at ThinkBikes, including me, and it's me on the vocals on top of a backing track. We were rather pushed to get this done in time and in hind sight I feel it's a little slow / boring. We should have artificially sped up the music as
- Twelve Stunts of Christmas

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Kittens in the Snow

Under my band name, "Badly Parked Sedona" I bring you "Kittens in the Snow". Guitar work by Richard Williams, lyrics, vocals and melody by myself. You can find this on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and most other online stores. Although there is some adult humour in there, this song has been quite popular with children! The lyrics are as follows: I looked outside and I saw a kitten, I saw a kitten in the snow, in the snow. I looked
- Kittens in the Snow

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Snow Man

I guess this was my first attempt at a proper Christmas song. Recorded I think in 2011, with my old house mate James Looney, it's a cover of Elton John's "Rocket Man". I haven't put this on any stores, as it's not up to the quality I consider good enough. You can however, find it on SoundCloud. The lyrics go: Got packed from snow last night, pretty tight. A bunch of kids, maybe 12 or ten. And I came to
- Snow Man

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When I was at University, I was in a band called Intrinsic and we wrote this EP. All I can hear is the things wrong with it, rather than what is right - but it is a part of my musical history. We put the album on Jamendo so you can download it and make your own mind up! I really should hunt out some of the live recordings we did at a later point, as we managed some lovely
- Intrinsic

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